Navigating the FY 2024 HMIS Data Standard Changes

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By Josie Alleman and Marthe Rana

As autumn leaves begin to fall and temperatures cool, it’s that time of year again for essential updates to the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) to keep pace with evolving data standards from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The HMIS FY 2024 Data Standard Changes encompass a range of enhancements designed to improve inclusivity for participants receiving services and efficiency for frontline staff entering HMIS data. System administrators are diligently working to implement these required updates, while users are actively testing the changes. Starting from October 1st, homelessness service providers will ensure they utilize the latest fields, picklist values, and validation rules.

Exponent Case Management’s HMIS Module: Pioneering the Way

Exponent Case Management’s (ECM) HMIS Module continues to lead the charge in keeping HMIS programs compliant with HUD standards. Our HMIS module was developed with meticulous attention to HUD HMIS standards and in consultation with field experts. Over the years, we’ve partnered with organizations providing homelessness and housing services, and we now offer a standardized HMIS solution suitable for any HMIS program type. Notably, the ECM HMIS Module stands as the first HMIS solution within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Guiding Our ECM Customers Through the Changes

At Exponent Partners, we have proactively addressed all HMIS FY 2024 changes in the ECM HMIS Module. We remain committed to ensuring our HMIS customers experience a seamless transition. Since the HUD updates were announced, we have diligently kept our customers informed about the changes and the ECM release schedule. Our comprehensive documentation details where these updates are located and how they impact users. We’ve also provided step-by-step instructions for system administrators to ensure compliance with the new standards. Furthermore, we’ve engaged in virtual meetings with each customer to explain the specific impacts of these changes on their systems and to address any questions or concerns. Our commitment to customer support remains unwavering, and we’re always ready for one-on-one meetings to provide further assistance as needed.

Updated Data Standards for FY 2024 available in the HMIS Module 

The HMIS FY 2024 Data Standard Changes introduce several critical updates impacting data collection for program administrators and individual service providers. Here is a list of the updated and new HMIS data elements that are addressed in the ECM HMIS Module:

2.02 Project Information
2.06 Funding Sources
2.07 Bed and Unit Inventory Information
2.08 HMIS Participation Status (new data element)
In all data elements changed “Client Refused” to “Client prefers not to answer”
3.04 Race and Ethnicity
3.06 Gender
3.12 Destination
3.15 Client Location
3.917 A & B Prior Living Situation
4.04 Health Insurance
4.12 Current Living Situation
C1 Wellbeing (retired data element)
C4 Translation Assistance Needed (new data element)
R3 Sexual Orientation
V1 Veteran’s Information
V2 Services Provided
V4 Percent of AMI (SSVF Eligibility)
V5 Last Permanent Address (retired data element)
V7 HP Targeting Criteria


Enhancements to the HMIS Module

In addition, we’ve made several enhancements to the HMIS Module itself  for improved user experience and better data quality, including: 

  • ‘New’ Function Override and Smart Clone: These features streamline the HMIS assessment data entry process by reducing duplicate data entry and ensuring data accuracy by leveraging existing assessment data and providing user guidelines.
  • HMIS Assessment Page updates: These updates make HMIS Assessment data entry easier and more complete with updated required fields, updated validation rules, and new configuration options for Client and Household members. These updates help to ensure accuracy with Head of Household and Data Collection Stage compliance requirements.
  • Data Insights: These new features empower users and system administrators to be more proactive with data quality. Using data insights, users can identify and fix Head of Household and Data Collection point issues in the moment, preventing future data cleanup. System Administrators can easily run reports based on Data Insights to easily find issues and pinpoint where they need to be fixed in the system in real time.
  • HMIS Project-Program Site: This new object supports HMIS projects that have multiple program sites and program sites that have multiple HMIS projects for more flexible and accurate data collection.

These changes and enhancements underscore our commitment to supporting you in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of homelessness services. Exponent Case Management remains dedicated to providing you with the tools and resources needed to make a meaningful impact on homelessness and housing services. We look forward to another year of collaboration and progress.

Continuous Improvement

We have enjoyed collaborating with our customers to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to the updated HMIS data collection standard. Our commitment to improving our module, both from a HUD standards perspective and in practical operation, remains steadfast. Staying current with the HMIS standard will always be our top priority.

In this ever-evolving landscape of homelessness services, Exponent Case Management is here to lead the way, ensuring that organizations are well-equipped to meet the needs of those they serve. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on homelessness and housing services. Interested in learning more about our HMIS module and experiencing ECM in action? Don’t miss out on our monthly webinars!