On Demand: How To Improve Outcomes for All Using Equity Dashboards

Sign-up to watch the webinar and learn how the United Way Bay Area is gaining new and valuable insights to improve outcomes for traditionally underserved groups by cross-referencing dimensions of client assessment data and demographics.

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Sign up to watch this on-demand webinar to learn how human services organizations like yours are gaining new and valuable insights to improve outcomes for traditionally underserved groups.

Your human services organization values equity, but how do you move from simple data collection to meaningful data analysis that has a real impact on your program, improving outcomes for all? 

Join us on this on-demand webinar as we explore how your human services organization can:

  • Use your data to ensure equitable service and outcomes for clients.
  • Pivot your fields, summaries, and layouts in your program management dashboards to gain new insights into your data.
  • Identify outcomes where equality gaps exist so that you can work on plans to address them.

In this webinar, you’ll hear firsthand how United Way Bay Area (UWBA), a multi-service agency dedicated to economically disadvantages communities, has leveraged the power of Exponent Case Management (ECM) to gain new and valuable insights from their program management dashboard that helped improve outcomes for traditionally underserved groups. 

Join Norman Cheng, Program Analyst at UWBA, and Sean Speer, Account Executive at Exponent Partners, to learn how UWBA uses ECM to gain useful insights into their programs by cross-referencing dimensions of client assessment data and demographics. You’ll also hear how UWBA used this analysis to proactively identify opportunities to evolve their programs and services to help ensure equitable access to their services.


Norman Cheng

Program Analyst @United Way Bay Area

Norman has worked in IT for over 15 years. Before joining UWBA, Norman taught job skills for 10 years at a nonprofit workforce development organization. He is passionate about harnessing technology to help nonprofits see the value of collecting data for the organization to report their outcomes but also have data serve a purpose for them to improve their day-to-day service delivery and outcomes.

Sean Speer

Account Executive @Exponent Partners

Sean brings almost a decade of working with nonprofits, helping them leverage data and Salesforce to revolutionize their program management. He has worked with almost every size and shape of organization, including a brief stint with commercial clients, including Airbnb, Reddit, and Nextdoor. He returned to Exponent Partners after a busy few years when he got married, toured Asia on a motorbike—volunteering with various NGOs along the way—and worked with several other partners in the Salesforce ecosystem.