Human Services

From intake to exit and beyond, drive better outcomes for clients with less time.

We consider ourselves outcomes obsessed. We never lose sight of your organizational objectives—and your mission—in the process of implementing Exponent Case Management. We are dedicated to ensuring your organization is set up with the best human services technology available on the market today. We support human services agencies by streamlining data, driving results, and truly understanding your impact now and in the future.

A human services technology platform filled with powerful workflows and accessible analytics for those providing life-changing programs and services.

We are a team of passionate nerds. We are passionate about the missions that drive the clients we serve in the human services space. Many of us have been in your shoes and understand the unique challenges you face on a daily basis. We develop solutions that work for you and your mission, not the other way around.

Insightful and Actionable Data. Collect and view all of your important data in one place including in third-party databases and software. Aggregate your intake, assessment, and demographic data to manage your programs, analyze performance and make adjustments to improve outcomes for your clients. 

Case Management Solutions. Leverage our proprietary, fully-featured case management solution to manage all your programs in one place. Exponent Case Management can provide powerful workflow, accessible analytics, and a modern platform that can be integrated with other systems.

Donor, Partner and Volunteer Management. Driving positive outcomes for clients takes human capital and financial investment. The experts at Exponent Partners can help you craft solutions that allow you to optimize and improve the management of donors, partners, and volunteers so that you can better manage fundraising and operations.

Providing the most comprehensive and thoughtfully-designed case management platform for Human Service organizations.

We’re committed to delivering an all-in-one platform to help changemakers like you collect information in a single, secure location and report on impact while maintaining complex reporting requirements.

We’ve helped Human Services agencies in the following areas:

  • Workforce Development
  • Youth Programs
  • Child Welfare Services
  • Disability Services
  • Collective Impact Initiatives
  • Reentry Services
  • Education
  • Homeless Services
  • Senior Services
  • Refugee Services
  • Family Services
  • Food Banks