Managed Services for Salesforce Administration

Our Customer Success team offers a managed services package that includes a dedicated staff member who provides up to 20 hours per week in system administration for your organization. For a flat fee, your nonprofit can enjoy the benefits of a fully-loaded Salesforce administrator without the risks. Rather than waste precious budget resources recruiting an internal hire, you’ll gain access to our firm’s full roster of Salesforce experts with niche skill sets in Einstein Analytics, Exponent Case Management, and other third party applications.

Dedicated staff who know your system

With managed services, you receive support for ongoing user management, troubleshooting, configuration requests, report building, staff training, system monitoring, optimization analysis and recommendations. Our Managed Services Consultants and Associates are based in the U.S. and respond to your requests within the same business day. Their time is reserved for your organization, so you benefit from their ongoing knowledge of your organization’s systems. Plus, every managed services customer receives quarterly reviews with the Director of Customer Success to ensure your budget is on track usage and adjust accordingly.

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A Blueprint for Your Technology

Get started designing a technology strategy to support your mission today. We’ve helped over 500 clients take the first steps toward better data and more informed decisions. Contact us to find out more about our strategy services.

“Having a single system used by all teams reduces our administrative requirements substantially, while allowing us to easily report on outcomes across programs.”