Catholic Charities Amplify Social Impact with Exponent Case Management

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Exponent Case Management (ECM) is the platform of choice for human services organizations engaged in a myriad of different programs and initiatives. Our clients use ECM to run programs for homelessness management, housing services, workforce development, education, reentry services, refugee and immigrant services and beyond. Our users are engaged in critical work in the communities they serve and are able to work even more effectively thanks to the powerful platform they have in place. Catholic charities in particular have gravitated to ECM to help manage their complex, multi-service program organizations. Here are just a few reasons why these organizations chose Exponent Case Management:

One Platform for Your Whole Organization

Exponent Case Management, built on the Salesforce platform, allows clients to manage all of their programs in one centralized, holistic system. Consider it a single source of truth for a 360° view of a client’s experience with your organization. ECM comes packed with powerful features for intake and assessment, service provision, program referrals and beyond. Consolidating all your program and case management into a single system gives you the ability to centralize data capture, measurement and reporting. This allows for increased visibility to the impact your organization is making in the community.

The Right Choice for Catholic Charities

Exponent Case Management is the system of choice for a number of Catholic organizations running complex multi-service programs across the United States. Catholic Charities Community Services, Archdiocese of New York, made the decision to implement ECM in 2019. This organization uses ECM to run a number of programs. Beatriz Diaz Taveras, Executive Director, shared her views on the organization’s use of Exponent Case Management: “Implementing Exponent Case Management to input, manage, integrate, and measure our program data allows us to more effectively see the impact our organization is having on the community we serve. Additionally, by using ECM, our teams are able to work more effectively, creating more time in their day to serve more clients.” 

A Supportive, Connected Community

Exponent Case Management is from the team at Exponent Partners, a social enterprise founded in 2005 and committed to helping nonprofits working in education, philanthropy and human services drive greater social impact. Our Exponent Case Management user community meets regularly to hear updates on the product development roadmap and share use cases in a collaborative environment between super engaged users. ECM users can also tap into customer success and managed services teams who dedicate themselves to supporting clients in their long-term, mission-driven growth on the platform. Your organization’s success is truly our goal.

We would love to support your organization with implementing Exponent Case Management, the flexible, best-in-class case management platform already used by a number of Catholic organizations. Reach out to us today or sign up for one of our upcoming Exponent Case Management webinars!