Measuring Workforce Development Program Success

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Discover how the Center for Employment Opportunities uses Exponent Case Management to track, measure and report on outcomes

We talk a lot about driving impact, but how do you actually go from providing services to proving that your clients are having positive outcomes? Measuring how many people you’ve served is all well and good – and should certainly be done – but can you truly measure your impact? Are the lives of your clients better or more manageable? Do they have more opportunities available to them through the training you provided? Are they satisfied with their job? Is your community prospering because of your program’s success?

These questions are quite common for human services organizations to ponder, yet the question of how still remains. We invite you to learn how the Center for Employment Opportunities uses the Workforce Development Module in conjunction with Outcomes Manager to measure employment outcomes. We’ll walk you through a series of reports and dashboards that showcase program success and outcomes.

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