Closing the Gap: How the Center for Employment Opportunities Correlates Training to Employment Outcomes

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This webinar features guest speaker, Dane Worthington from the Center for Employment Opportunities.

Whether your organization’s entire mission is workforce development, or only one program your organization offers, you often need data to showcase how your program is advancing the workforce and closing the skills gap. The skills gap takes different forms. In some cases, it is a matter of youth struggling to enter the workforce; in others, it is mid-career learners who have lost their jobs because of factory closings or layoffs or are reentering the workforce and who now must adapt. Closing this skills gap is just one of the many pieces of the puzzle that workforce development organizations solve for. So how can you showcase the relationship you’re fostering with your client is leading to better outcomes?

Access this webinar to discover how the Center for Employment Opportunities correlates the training they provide with improved employment outcomes and career advancement. With the use of Exponent Case Management’s Workforce Development Module, and through a continuous partnership with our managed services team, CEO can correlate classes, certifications, placement and retention, and ultimately how they drive radically better employee outcomes.

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Speakers include:

Dane Worthington, Center for Employment Opportunities 
Director, Mobility Foundations

Josie is passionate about helping human services organizations use data to ensure that the work they are doing is truly making a difference in people’s lives. Applying her experience in human services as a case manager and QA manager as well as her many roles at technology companies for nonprofits, she has been instrumental in leveraging her knowledge to enhance ECM.

She holds a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work and Public Policy from Ohio State University. Josie lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her family and cat.

Skye Tyler
Solutions Architect, Exponent Partners 

Skye is passionate about the role that nonprofit organizations play in our society and believes that they should have access to the best technology to better meet their missions. She has been implementing and improving Salesforce instances since 2015 and loves how versatile and extendable the platform is. Skye has a Masters of Science in Education specializing in Training and Performance Improvement and a Bachelors in Theatre. Combining excellent communication skills and analytical thinking, she works with clients to uncover root issues and design elegant and efficient solutions.

As a prior military spouse, Skye is deeply connected to the military community. She volunteers with Salesforce Military (formerly Vetforce) and Merivis to mentor veterans and military spouses seeking careers in Salesforce. When she’s not working, Skye spends her time gardening, camping, and creating art in North Carolina.

Ky VanderHeide
Managed Services Consultant, Exponent Partners

Ky is a creative problem solver with a passion for helping nonprofits tell their story and increase their impact using data. Ze brings 8 years of experience as a database administrator in the nonprofit sector.