Introducing Exponent Case Management Rapid Deployment

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Our purpose for building Exponent Case Management was to bring an industry-leading system built on the Salesforce platform to nonprofit organizations doing vital work in their communities. Our goal all along was to build in human services domain expertise so the platform can flex to the specific needs of your programs – whether you’re operating a homeless shelter or building a workforce development program. In our many conversations with human service professionals at organizations of all sizes, one thing became crystal clear: nonprofits need a way to get up and running quickly with technology that will increase efficiency and make an impact sooner and faster. The fact is, not all organizations have the capacity to take on a large-scale, multi-program custom implementation of case management technology. Quite frankly, it can be time and resource intensive.

Understanding this, we asked ourselves an important question: How can we empower nonprofits to get up and running quickly with the technology they need and also have the right support in place to evolve and grow the system over time? The answer is simple: Exponent Case Management Rapid Deployment.

Our Rapid Deployment offering is a new way to get started with Exponent Case Management, and one that prioritizes getting up and running with a prescribed approach so you can see measurable improvements in as little as 6 weeks. Rapid Deployment is the result of our collaboration between our human services clients, our product development,  implementation services, and customer success teams. Together we worked to identify the fastest and most effective way to get users up and running on Exponent Case Management. Richard Saunders, Director of Product at Exponent Case Management, shared his views:

“ECM Rapid Deployment is an ideal solution for organizations that want to get up and running on a robust case management system with ease. If an organization has a single program they would like to pilot or if they’re focused on making change happen faster, this is a fantastic option for them”.

Many organizations struggle with a need to get off paper files, consolidate systems and have the right reporting in place so they can track performance and measure outcomes. Exponent Case Management offers a best-in-class solution that is built to scale and grow as an organization’s needs evolve. The Rapid Deployment offering has support built right in, so clients can get up and running quickly but also work consistently with a support team that has decades of combined experience.

“The Success Center at Exponent Partners offers hands-on, customized support to our human services clients not only as they’re getting started with ECM, but all along their journey as they scale and grow”, said Rachel Hands, Director of Success Center. 

If your organization is ready to revolutionize the way you measure and track your program using the world’s leading case management platform, ECM Rapid Deployment is a great option for you. Interested to learn more about how your nonprofit can get up and running quickly on Exponent Case Management? Reach out to us for a consultation today!