Meet ECM’s Latest Feature: Consent Management

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By: Marthe Rana

Designed to protect your client’s privacy and keep your organization compliant, our newest feature, Consent Management (CM), enables organizations to track clients’ permission to capture, store, handle and process their data. 

What is Consent Management? 

The concept refers to how clients and patients decide what information they are willing to share with various providers. Through it, patients can affirm their participation in program initiatives and establish consent directives to determine who will have access to their protected health information (PHI), for what purposes, and under what conditions. 

Consent Management versus Electronic Signature Capture — what’s the difference? 

Now, consent management is different from electronic signature in a few ways. Whereas e-signature is a legally binding way to get approval on a wide variety of electronic documents, CM enables human services organizations to capture permission to deliver services and potentially share information with partner service providers when needed.

How can human services organizations benefit from ECM’s Consent Management feature? 

By using ECM’s latest feature, human services organizations can streamline the process of capturing consent alongside their case management work while respecting privacy. Essentially, it helps organizations to manage data in a more efficient way and save resources on multiple systems by having one platform to handle both case management and privacy.

Let’s walk through a use case! As part of the program enrollment process, program staff who are working face-to-face with clients need to obtain appropriate, informed client consent for case management services. They can do this verbally or with an electronic signature pad, capturing both the signature of the client and staff member. Depending on the program, a case manager may also need to obtain consent for sharing of client data within their organization and/or with partner service provider organizations. Once captured, this information is efficiently stored alongside the case record so program staff can easily refer back to it or run compliance reports to ensure adherence to standards. 

ECM’s Consent Management feature empowers organizations to respect client privacy by getting their permission on how their data can and should be used. It also enables organizations to comply with data privacy policies and regulations. Want to see this new feature in action ? Check out our Summer Release webinar, highlighting the latest additions to Version 19 of Exponent Case Management. Register here!

How can you access this feature? 

Consent management is provided to all ECM customers out-of-the-box but hold your horses! Version 19 doesn’t drop until August 25th!  ECM system administrators can access it in the sandbox starting on August 11th. If you’re new to ECM, we encourage you to schedule a demo with us to experience all the ways in which we can help you drive radically better impact, or contact us for a consultation.