National Case Management Week is October 9-15, 2022

Guess what? National Case Management Week is October 9-15, 2022. It’s a time to celebrate YOU, the field of case management and social work, and the progress that we’ve made collectively. For years, but particularly over the past couple of years, case managers across all settings have been challenged to step up in unimaginable ways. While we celebrate case managers all year long, we’re excited to have a designated week to show our appreciation!

Some heroes don’t wear capes—and that’s especially true of case managers, who are on the front lines of creating change and making a difference. The theme for #CMWeek2022 is Setting the Standard for Patient-Centered Care because, well—that’s what case managers do. We want the world to celebrate it!

CM Week 2022 is the ideal time to recognize the tireless work of social workers and their commitment to upholding standards, as well as educate payers, providers, regulators, and consumers about the tremendous value case managers bring to the successful delivery of social work and health care. It is our hope that the celebration of Case Management Week will help expand awareness of the value of case management by getting everyone involved in this event. So how can you get involved? 

Here is how you can help celebrate:

  • Advocate for a local proclamation of National Case Management week with your mayor, county executive, or governor. Look to this Facebook group to check out some examples and gather inspiration — National Case Management Week
  • Share CM Week posts on social media and promote awareness locally. Tag or post to this Facebook group — National Society of Case Management. 
  • Write letters or emails to your local news outlets to let them know about CM Week
  • Share your personal story for impact on social media. 

As an individual:

  • Tell 10 other professionals you are a case manager and why your work is important,better yet write about it! 
  • Offer to speak about case management and why it is important at a local community event.

As an employer:

  • Show your appreciation and host an event for your case managers.
  • Highlight your case managers and their work in a company mewsletter to raise awareness.
  • Share internally about Case Management Week at your company and promote a new activity each day.
  • Encourage local businesses to participate and celebrate with you.

As a social worker or health care provider:

  • Recognize case managers as members of the care team and educate them on communicating effectively with you.
  • Show your appreciation for what they do for your constituents.

As a community member:

  • Promote case managers by sponsoring fairs, conduct preventive health screenings or provide wrap around services in underserved areas, or organize other services in your community.
  • Host a celebration or reception to recognize a case manager in your community.
  • Host webinars and workshops for human services professionals in your community.
  • Feature case managers and their work in your public forums and communication outlets.