On-Demand: Just in Time — Tracking Time and Attendance with Exponent Case Management and FormAssembly

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Time and attendance management is critical for workforce development programs. It enables organizations to toss out those manual timesheets and ensure that every minute is tracked automatically, establishes a transparent work environment, cultivates time management and improves compliance by eliminating the chance of human error. It can also ensure that employees or laborers are paid on time and without error, which is key to fostering satisfaction. 

Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) has a transitional jobs program that supports over 650 workers, across 30 sites, to get same-day pay while gaining skills and work history. After launching a project to replace their payroll processor, unexpected delays put them at risk of not being able to process payments to their workers. Access this on-demand webinar to see how they used Exponent Case Management and FormAssembly to fill the gap between transitioning to a new payroll process without interrupting service. 

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