Removing the Burden of Data Management for Your Workforce Development Program

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Workforce development programs across the country have experienced a significant increase in demand over a previous couple of years. Many organizations have developed workforce development programs or have sprung into action to adapt their current workforce development programs to meet this higher demand.  

Whether your organization’s entire mission is workforce development, or only one program your organization offers, finding the right data collection and reporting system can be challenging. Data entry and management often take up a significant portion of your valuable staff’s time.

Here at Exponent Case Management (ECM), we have helped many organizations solve these issues through an innovative workforce development software solution, our Workforce Development Module.  

Using a workforce development technology solution like our workforce development module Is a game-changer as it can manage all aspects of your workforce development programming, allowing your staff to focus on supporting your clients.

What is the Workforce Development Module?

The Workforce Development Module is a pre-configured ECM template that ensures your programs are implemented using sector-wide standards to help everyone in your organization have the data and information they need right at their fingertips. Our workforce development software benefits staff at every level of the organization, from career coaches and business developers to program managers and executives. 

Supporting every stage of your workforce development program. 

Our innovative workforce technology solution supports you at every stage of program delivery, allowing your staff to understand the participant’s journey and ensure the right services are being provided at the right time. 


Use our Workforce Development Software to easily collect all eligibility and enrollment information in one place. It features a pre-configured intake that is WIOA-friendly and captures many data points, including basic demographics, employment history, education history, job interests, skills, credentials, employment barriers, and income assessment. The intake form can also easily be amended to capture any additional data needed for your program or funders.

Initial and Ongoing Assessment

Evaluate your client’s baseline and progress over time using key workforce development assessments. Our workforce development technology also includes additional assessments to help you ensure job readiness by assessing both soft and technical skills.

Service Planning

Our Workforce Development Sofware allows you to easily create a comprehensive employment plan with achievable goals for all clients and addresses all the employment barriers identified in the needs assessment.

Individual and Group Service Provision

Our workforce development software allows you to easily track individual and group services through pre-configured service entry pages, ensuring your clients receive all the support they need to help them overcome employment barriers. This goes beyond simply documenting each service and class, allowing you to record case notes, billing information, and credentials attained. The effectiveness of different services can then be analyzed through the module’s powerful reporting features. 

Job Matching and Employment Placement

The workforce development module helps employers find suitable applicants for job orders through the comprehensive, easy-to-use job matching tool.

You can then track your employment placements from referral through hiring to retention, with minimal setup required. The Employment Development Module will also help you ensure that retention checks are completed on time with innovative placement milestones and retention features. 

Different funders have different definitions of successful placement milestones, so our workforce development technology includes a flexible placement milestone functionality. Your organization can choose the milestone definition per placement, and the workforce development software will do the rest by scheduling future retention checks. Additionally, the module provides comprehensive retention check data collection, including wage verification, advancement information, and job satisfaction.

Employer Engagement  

We understand that strong employment programs not only focus on removing barriers to employment for individuals but also on being a partner with the local business community. Building lasting relationships with employers is crucial to ensuring your program participant’s success. 

As ECM is built on top of Salesforce, you can seamlessly manage employer leads and partnerships, integrating participant services with employer services. Using our workforce development technology, your organization can easily track referrals and ensure participants are qualified and adequately matched with the required skills and credentials. The templates offered by our workforce development software allow you to capture key employer information, including industry codes, employer engagement scales, and basic relationship management fields, so that your job development staff can ramp up quickly.

Worry-free monitoring and reporting

We understand that reporting and monitoring are vital to the success of your workforce development program. Our workforce development software provides several out-of-the-box dashboards and reports helping organizations that you can easily use to help you meet funder requirements (including WIOA performance measures) and assist with your day-to-day operations. In addition to program-level reporting, individual participant reports are also provided, allowing you to easily see assessment scores over time for job search readiness, work readiness, aptitude scores, and more.

Our workforce development technology solution also includes easy-to-use dashboards for program managers, job developers, and job coaches, allowing them to focus on upcoming tasks, employer engagement levels, and placement and retention rates.

Meeting all your organization’s needs.

Our workforce development software is customizable, and our dedicated staff will work with you to ensure your workforce development technology perfectly meet the requirements of your program or organization. What’s more, as the workforce development module is part of ECM, the broader needs of your organization are also catered for, including fundraising management, volunteer management, HR, and much more.

Want to learn more about how our workforce technology solution can help you achieve radically better employment outcomes?

We’d love for you to explore how our Workforce Development Module can streamline your processes and help you deliver improved employment outcomes through a free consultation with our expert team. Why not also watch our on-demand webinar so you can see our easy-to-use platform in action?