CRM & Analytics Implementation

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With over 1000 projects under our belts, we bring together deep nonprofit expertise to build your organization software and services that will amplify your work in service of your mission. As we believe in providing whole organization solutions, we offer services across all processes and roles in your organization. All organizations can benefit from using data to improve their programs, so we provide solutions right for small, medium, and large organizations.

Getting Started with Nonprofit CRM and Fundraising

Our approach is designed for getting you organization up and running on Salesforce for donor management and basic CRM, tailored to your organization’s fundraising and contact management needs. Leveraging the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), you’ll be able to:

  • Manage individual donor information, including contact information, households, and affiliated contacts
  • Track corporate or organization donors, including contacts connected to that organization, and focus areas
  • Record donations, including memberships and recurring donations
  • Manage grants, including tasks, deadlines, and payments
  • Organize general contacts, such as partners
  • Automatically track past email communications on related contact records
  • Set tasks, events, and reminders and relate them to any contact, donation, or grant
  • Record tasks, events, meetings, and calls related to any contact, donation, or grant
  • Run reports on any data that you put in the system and filter based on any field
  • Create dashboards based on any set of multiple reports

QuickConsults for Flexible Cost-Effective Implementations

Exponent Partners developed the QuickConsult service to provide organizations an accessible way to build simple custom Salesforce solutions that support your unique processes and organizational data tracking. A dedicated CRM consultant focuses on your project over a short period of time to deliver you a system that your team can start using immediately. QuickConsults include only configuration to make your solution as cost-effective as possible and provide you with the greatest potential to self-manage your solution.

Application Installation

After 1000 projects, we’ve developed deep knowledge about the best apps for nonprofits. Our consultants keep up to date on the latest functionality so that we can effectively implement the application of your choice or recommend the best options for your needs.

Custom Implementations

Exponent Partners offers CRM services for all sizes and types of custom solutions from small program tracking implementations to large enterprise-scale systems. Our consultants are skilled in both Exponent Scrum (our version of an Agile methodology) and more traditional Exponent Design-Build-Adopt methodologies, and we’ll recommend what’s best for your project. Our team includes all the skills you need for complete Salesforce customization, including business analysts, consultants, software developers, quality assurance resources, and data migration specialists. Our experience extends from custom solutions used by local community-based organizations to systems used by 100,000+ users and across the world.

Advanced Analytics

Business intelligence (BI) is a term that refers to a class of tools and techniques that allow you to consolidate data of interest. It provides sophisticated reporting, graphic visualization via charts, graphs and maps, and rapid analysis of large and/or complex data. It is often extended to include the tools needed to migrate, consolidate and house the data, which often comes from multiple data sources and requires preparation for optimal reporting and analysis. You might consider business intelligence if achieving your mission and improving your programs requires:

  • Tracking trends over time involving multiple variables (example: student performance over time, student performance by mentor)
  • Using statistical methods to compare your data to a superset (example: client progress relative to a cohort, such as residents of a region or of a particular demographic)
  • Visualizing data using charts and graphs plotting multiple data dimensions
  • Mapping data geographically
  • Providing external stakeholders such as funders, affiliates, volunteers with access to customized views of data in reports and dashboards
  • Consolidating large, external data sets correlated with your operational metrics (example: impact data).

A next generation Business Intelligence tool, the Einstein Analytics© features a dynamic visualization engine so that information is displayed in a way that helps you learn as you go. Einstein Analytics© provides a cloud data warehouse, data mart, and business intelligence solution pre-integrated into the Salesforce App platform. Our consultants have broad experience with multiple business intelligence tools, including integration with Salesforce. We have 2 Einstein Analytics© certified consultants, and have expertise designing BI solutions for individual organizations and collaboratives.

Custom Application Development

Our CRM applications for COA, Beyond 12, and the Homekeeper National Data Hub offer fully-featured applications that organizations can present and distribute to clients or partner organizations. Using the same resources and capabilities described above in custom implementations, we can work with you to design, build, and then package an application that engages your constituents and offers a unique service as part of your mission.

Systems Integration

The powerful Salesforce API provides a platform for building a broad set of integrations between Salesforce and other systems to realize whole organization solutions. We’ve integrated a host of systems, such as accounting, ERP, EMR, and others, and have built out a comprehensive toolkit for integrations of this nature.

Let’s Talk!

Reach out to us and we’ll walk you through how we can help you achieve your mission and make an impact using Exponent Case Management.

“For every input, there is now an output—in the form of a field, a report or a dashboard—that helps the program directors immediately in their classroom. Exponent Partners has created a sustainable way for us to manage our data. Instantly as a new GPA or ACT score comes in, a new selectivity rating is calculated… We chose Exponent Partners because we wanted to work with people who really understood our work and challenges, and had deep expertise in Salesforce. We wanted a partner that would be an extension of our team.”