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No one is busier than frontline staff or the people that you serve so we’ve designed a platform to set everyone up for success. Our automated workflows are based on programmatic goals and milestones that ensure that no client slips through the cracks. Support more clients and guide frontline staff through their day with ease with deadlines, notifications, and alerts. Staff can systematically work through ensuring your clients are reaching their goals and milestones, and get alerted when intervention is needed.

It’s time to help more people without limiting your program’s effectiveness and ensure program fidelity along the way, by implementing ECM’s Program Navigation feature. Check out this demo where we talk through a Workforce Development program process and showcase how Program Navigation supports better outcomes every step of the way.

What is Program Navigation?

It’s a system of checks and balances that guides agency staff as a client moves through the program’s model of care. Essentially, a sophisticated digital workflow based on your unique process ensures that no client slips through the cracks. It walks staff members through a series of steps that lead to overarching goals or milestones. Users can see when a client meets the required criteria with ease and guides them through the next steps.  In doing so, the fidelity of the program model is supported while simultaneously ensuring compliance with standards.