Intro to Service Plans and Mass Record Entry

Move through your day with ease with service plan templates and our one-of-a-kind Program Navigation feature!

With just a few steps, you can easily create a personalized service plan for your clients. Select from commonly used service plan templates with standardized goals and objectives or create custom ones unique to your clients’ needs. It’s simple to track and understand what progress has been made and what’s still outstanding.

Once you’ve completed a service plan, ECM’s Program Navigation feature enables you to view the remaining requirements that need to be met in order to move forward in the next stage of your program. To learn more about how Program Navigation fosters program fidelity, check out this blog and view the video above to see it in action!

Hosting a life skills class or workshop? Reduce manual data entry when setting up recurring services for groups or individuals while tracking attendance and view how these classes connect across all programs at a glance. With Mass Record Entry, you can easily create records or a list of up to 1000 participants, update attendance, add units of service, and time spent in a session, and add progress notes that are instantly attached to that participant’s case record.

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