Effective Workforce Partnerships: A Strong Foundation For Employer Engagement

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Engaging in workforce partnerships, specifically employer engagement is a vital strategy for flourishing workforce development programs. In order to bridge the gap between open positions and people looking for work, community organizations, educational institutions and employers must work together to ensure needs are met from all perspectives. Download this resource-filled white paper to explore how workforce development organizations and employment programs can:

  • Develop a framework for workforce partnerships
  • Implement strategies for effective employer relationships
  • Utilize industry-leading tips for reaching employers
  • Enact best practices for sustaining high-value relationships

5 Best Practices for Thriving Workforce Development Programs

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When it comes to improving equity and creating a more inclusive society with economic opportunities for all, you know that workforce development is an integral part of the solution. But how do you make a difference in your community by empowering people through workforce development? Let us, your friends at the Exponent Case Management, help you with a few simple tricks.

Download this helpful guide to discover:

  • best practices of successful workforce development programs
  • how to engage the community at large in your efforts
  • methods that help you stay compliant and increase funding

Overcoming 5 Challenges to Human Services Data System Consolidation

If your human services organization uses more than one system for data management,  you’ll likely be aware of the multifaceted challenges posed by consolidating them into one system. These challenges can include:

  • Funder-mandated systems.
  • Insufficient resources.
  • Internal agreement on data standards.
  • An ever-evolving required data model.
  • Resistance to change. 

However, if done effectively, data system consolidation can have an enormous impact on the programs and services you provide and, ultimately, on the people you serve. 

This resource-filled white paper explores how you can overcome these barriers to human services data system consolidation and increase the impact of your programs. 

Download this free white paper now to access: 

  • Examples of how organizations are surmounting mandated systems.
  • Strategies for ensuring your internal teams are aligned.
  • Top tips for financial resources and staffing challenges.