Recommend 3X: Tech Impact’s Guide to Case Management Systems

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By: Marthe Rana

With 26 systems considered and only 6 case management systems thoroughly reviewed, we are thrilled to be listed for 3 of the most common priorities for nonprofit organizations in Tech Impact’s latest Guide to Case Management Systems. If you haven’t read it, consider this your invitation but for your ease, we’ve included some highlights about Exponent Case Management below.

So, where did Exponent Case Management shine? Well according to TechImpact we should work together if:

You want one system to manage all your constituents.

Consolidating multiple technology platforms is a multifaceted challenge. If done well, it can have an enormous impact on your programs and services and ultimately on the people served. The benefits of using one system to manage all of your constituents is unrivaled. Your staff can significantly reduce the amount of time spent entering data into multiple systems; have clarity about your efforts across the organization; experience an ease in reporting what they’re doing; and feel more connected to each other because they’re working in one system. Change doesn’t happen in a silo and neither should the systems you use to support your life-changing work.

Our modern solution is built on the world’s best CRM: Salesforce. Exponent Case Management allows you to run your entire agency on one system, from fundraising to volunteer management and beyond. Salesforce’s massive investment in R&D innovation and more than 4,000 integrated applications means you have a solution for every need. 

You need a robust intake workflow for non-tech savvy staffers.

Let’s face it — no one is busier than frontline staff. That’s why we’ve designed a platform to set everyone up for success and enable staff across your organization to move through their day with ease. Our advanced workflows ensure that no client slips through the cracks by providing guidance, notifications, alerts and case management process automation. 

Your organization would like to work with a vendor that will sign a Business Associate Agreement.

If your organization needs to comply with the U.S.Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and you prefer to work with a vendor that will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) as part of your legal compliance efforts, then we’re a good option for you! As we are built on the Salesforce platform, our transformational case management technology sits on top of an extensive set of compliance certifications and attestation. 

Where is there room for improvement?

The only option Exponent Case Management was not recommended for is if you’re a small organization and price is critical which absolutely guts us. We consider Exponent Case Management to be a leading case management system for organizations of all sizes, but if you’re a small one and price is your top concern, we might not be the platform for you. Your reasoning is perfectly understandable—you may have limited staff members, little internal capacity and resources.

We all need a case management system to help us do more good in the realm of social work. It’s why we’ve put together a simpler path to deployment with our ECM Rapid Deployment offering. This new way to get up and running with Exponent Case Management takes a focused approach, so you can see measurable improvements in as little as 6 weeks.

A pathway to radically better impact. 

There are numerous ways in which we can help your organization uncover the true value behind your data, beyond a small subset of the benefits listed in the guide. Exponent Case Management (ECM) is a comprehensive case management platform designed to connect all the parts of your programs with tools that help your participants reach their goals so you can focus on what really matters: outcomes. We enable organizations to move from inefficient data entry to transformational case management on a modern, leading-edge platform that focuses on ease of use, increased efficiency, and collaboration. Are you ready for radically better impact? Let’s chat!