Capture Data at Scale: Meet Mass Record Entry

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By: Marthe Rana

Did you know that over 50% of nonprofit professionals state that individual staff time spent on data entry is the biggest challenge their organizations face when it comes to data collection? 

Add to the fact that most nonprofit organizations lack a dedicated data-entry person, and you have yourself a problem. Ultimately, the responsibility of recording services falls onto frontline staff. Now, as if capturing all of the required information was not hard enough, consider needing to do it in real-time for a large-scale group session, class, or event. From food banks to life skills workshops, human service organizations and nonprofits need an efficient way to capture services at scale.  

We hear you and it’s time to start spending less time collecting data and more time working directly with participants. It’s why we’re amped about our latest release of Exponent Case Management, now with mass record entry. 

What is mass record entry? 

Mass record entry helps human service agencies spend even less time doing data entry so they can spend more time helping people.

How does mass record entry work? 

Mass record entry lives right alongside group service entry so it’s easily accessible to staff across the organization. Admins can easily configure instructions and required fields for service providers and frontline staff can record service in real-time. 

From one intuitive interface, you can easily create records for a list of up to 1000 participants, update attendance, add units of service, time spent in a session, and add progress notes that are instantly attached to that participant’s case record. 

If you need to make individual edits to participants’ records or add additional participants on the fly, don’t worry! We thought of that too! 

What are some of the benefits of mass record entry?

Save valuable time. There is no need to create attendance records one at a time. 

Serve more people efficiently. Your staff can now work with larger groups of people at any given time.

Capture more compliant data. Real-time mass updates enable more accurate, timely, and compliant data for your program and funder reporting. 

It’s time to spend less time on tedious data entry and more time creating radically better impact for the clients and communities you serve. Contact us for a live demo to see this feature in action!